Mukya Mhane… [ Marathi Article ]

mukya mhane

Thanks Ravi

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3 Responses to “Mukya Mhane… [ Marathi Article ]”

  1. neeta Says:


    I am regualar Marathi reader, & I love to your Kavita, Ukhane, Charoli. I don;t know what I say now But It’s very nice, excellent & Fantastic

    Carry On



  2. Sarjya Says:

    Thank Neeta!
    Your appriciations and replies are our achivements..
    Keep visiting and commenting.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Me Marathi

  3. केतन खैरनार Says:

    मुक्या म्हणे लवकरच मटासारख्या व्रुत्तपत्रामध्ये यावा असं वाटते

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