Power ki Pawar ? [ Marathi Article ]

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3 Responses to “Power ki Pawar ? [ Marathi Article ]”

  1. Manu Says:

    Je kaahi jhaal te changal jhaal naahi. Chappel ne Bhartiyana Finger daakhvale aani to ajunhi coach aahe. Maafi suddha maagitali naahi. Ek foreigner India madhe yeun Indians na finger daakhvto and still he gets away with it… its a shame!!

    Remember at country level we all are united.. whether its Bangalis or maharashtrians!!

  2. Sachin Says:


    Hey agadi khara aahe. Actually aapan Indians hya foreigners la khup bhaav deto… Pan mee ithe London madhye rahun suddha hey feel karto ki hya lokan pekshya anpan Indians khup khup intelligent aahot. Hey lok phakta currency chya zoraar jagatat.

    – Sachin.

  3. Manu Says:

    You are bang on target Sachin.

    Now Indians have new mantra.

    Go to foreign countries, use their resources, earn more foreign currency for India.

    Now its our time to get back at them!!

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