Ranichya Rajyat ! [ Marathi Article ]

Ek marathi Deewali ank- juna ahe pan ahe phar chan


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5 Responses to “Ranichya Rajyat ! [ Marathi Article ]”

  1. A Says:

    Clicking on this link takes us back to the nature handbook post you’ve put up a few days earlier. Can you rectify this error?

  2. A Says:

    Oh and another one of your posts looks incomplete – the Puneri bhet one. Would love to read that one completely, so get that up if possible too.

    Keep the good work going, thanks a lot for posting such nice Marathi articles.

  3. Paina Patil Says:

    Ranichya rajyat aasach chalayacha???

    – Naina

  4. Sarjya Says:

    Hi TIA,
    I have updated the link to Ranichya Rajyat. Its a PDF file. Pls check back.

    Sorry for the trouble.


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