Marathi Vyakhya!! [ Marathi Jokes ]

Thanks Rahul

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3 Responses to “Marathi Vyakhya!! [ Marathi Jokes ]”

  1. yogesh Says:

    Shubh Dasra/ Happy Dasra.

    I live this web site & ur effective way to improve our marathi

    language. I deeply impress by this side so keep going on.

    I remmeber one song which help to recall those days when our

    Rajya Bhasha(Language) were not Marathi.

    “Jari Nase Marathi aam chi Rajya bhasa tari ti amha jiva hun priy”.

    Jai Maharastra.
    (Marathi Manus)

  2. Me Marathi Team Says:

    Yogesh, Dhiraj, Nitesha ani Amar..

    Dasaryachyaa anek shubhechyya!!.
    We thank you for the appreciation and kindness shown towards us and Marathi!

    Keep visiting!

    Team Me Marathi!

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