Chatri…! [ Marathi Kavita ]


Thanks Raj

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7 Responses to “Chatri…! [ Marathi Kavita ]”

  1. Naina Patil Says:

    Tujhi chatari haravli…

    Lavkar navin blog add kar, Mag mee tula navin chatri devu.

    Take care,


  2. Sarjya Says:

    Navin blog saathi Mee pausachi vaat pahtoy ani tuzya chatrichishuddha…!


  3. Naina Patil Says:

    Hi Sarjya,

    I cant wait till next year… Please navin blog add kar… I am really very desperate to see your new blog.

    Regards,(Oops!!! Aabhar)

    Naina P.

  4. Sarjya Says:

    Hi Naina,
    …Well I have added some more messages..pls dont mind as they are on ladies.

    Hope u’ll emjoy the messages and I will be back with some more work.. till then take care and keep smiling.@


  5. The Critic Says:

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