BAAP ! ( The Father ! )

Hello All !.

I think we all should read this ! Pls read.
Baap !

I got this article thr’ email from one of my friend .
Thanks Andy !!

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2 Responses to “BAAP ! ( The Father ! )”

  1. Atomizzer Says:

    Mitra….Dis essay is amazing mann…i had to rite dis comment…it just brought tears to my eyes while readin it….its so damn true….although i respect my dad..but i neva thought bout him so profoundly…thanx 4 enlightning me…afta readin dis my respect n admiration 4 my dad has increased infinately..

  2. __utma=68062221.172727152.1147329144.1147337388.1147338874.4 Says:

    dolyat pani aale

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